BUDDYS Dual Diagnosis resources

This page offers a central point within YoDAA site for workers where Dual Diagnosis info and resources can be found. Resources come recommended from BUDDYS (a YoDAA partner)

BUDDYS (Building Up Dual Diagnosis in Youth Services) was established under the auspices of the Victorian Dual Diagnosis Initiative in 2007 and is a state-wide group of Dual Diagnosis and HYDDI (Homeless Youth Dual Diagnosis Initiative) clinicians working across the youth public mental health, Mental Health Community Support Services (MHCSS), Alcohol and Drug,  and Homeless sectors. BUDDYS is a leader in the promotion of youth dual diagnosis, service capacity enhancement and collaborative cross-sectoral relationship building in Victoria. Here are some resources BUDDYS recommend.


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Dual Diagnosis early history

When mental health and substance use problems collide

Dual diagnosis, a resource for case workers

Adolescent Dual Diagnosis overview

Adolescent development and substance use

What does recovery in mental illness mean?

Mental health, a resource for life

Why do young people develop AOD problems?

Understanding young people's support needs

What influences Youth AOD use

Can AOD services help me with other stuff? (article for young people)

Understanding psychosis (article for families)

Drug problem or mental health problem?-(article for schools)



Dual Diagnosis Toolkit (Queensland)

Understanding why I use (for young people)

Drugs, alcohol and your mental health (for young people)

World Health Organisation Self-Help Guide



Integrating AOD and mental health work with young people

Amphetamine crash cycles



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