Home Based Withdrawal (HBD) or ‘outpatient withdrawal’ is a good option for a young person who wants to reduce or cease their substance use but may not need the structure of an intensive residential stay.


Sometimes, due to the type or level of drugs used and the support (or lack of) available to a young person, residential withdrawal is neccessary to keep a young person safe and stable when going without drugs. At other times, remaining in the community, and maintaining contact with work, school and family or friends is possible or even preferred. When this is the case, Home based withdrawal support is a great option. 

Home based withdrawal support happens in a similar way to Youth AOD outreach except the specific interventions are those offered by a nurse. As well as support to manage drug withdrawal and coordinate care with GPs and other medical professionals, Home Based Withdrawal Nurses often also offer herbal supplements, nutritional advice and supportive counselling. Importantly nurses also help young people tackle other health related issues in their life.

ideal for young people who would benefit from the 1:1 support of an experienced Nurse.
  • Immunisation catch up
  • Information about contraception, family planning & pregnancy
  • Blood born viruses screening and treetment
  • Managing chronic illness 
  • Help with pharmacotherapy
  • Practical demonstration of safe injecting technique
  • Support accessing medical services

are just a few of the support options a HBW Nurse can offer. Contact YoDAA  (1800 458 685) is you wish to find a service near you or check out other detox and rehab options.