Refreshing coverage from The Age explains the impact of increased Methamphetamine purity on those using it and debunks common myths about Ice education.

Julia Medew, Health Editor for The Age has gone against the grain of mainstream media reporting on methamphetamine use and declared that there is no ‘epidemic’. Rather people who would have already been using stimulant type substances are experiencing greater harms due to the rise in potency of the drug. 

This is consistent with earlier research by Nichole Lee, YoDAA's past articles The rise in Meth. A new group of young people or just a different drug?and Is it the power of Ice that causes all the probloms? as well as voices from workers on the ground.

Professor Dietze head of Alcohol and other Drug Research at Burnet Institutes has advocated for resources directed towards supporting the 2% of the population experiencing Methamphetamine related harms rather than targeting the majority (who are not using Ice).

“While awareness campaigns can be useful, the research suggested more effort should be channelled towards helping the minority of people struggling with the drug and the health services and professionals managing them.”

"Instead of broad-based population-wide strategies we need strategies to better equip those on the frontline who come into contact with people affected by the drug."

Read the whole article here, also check out How Does Ice work (for dummies) and YoDAAs Top tips for working with young people using methamphetamine. Finaly, we love to be inspired by good work and nuanced coverage of issues effecting young people.