New research from Australian 2 year trial.

The UK-based "Drug and Alcohol Findings" website is this week featuring an article recently published in the Journal of Drug Education, titled "Alcohol prevention and school students: findings from an Australian 2-year trial of integrated harm minimization school drug education", by Richard Midford and colleagues.  

The study involved 14 Victorian schools which were randomly allocated to trial the harm minimisation program, and another 7 schools acted as a control by using traditional alcohol education.  The study looked at whether the lessons changed alcohol related behaviour, attitudes and knowledge over the study period.  

The researchers found that the harm minimisation approach resulted in reduced rates of alcohol consumption as well as reductions in alcohol related harms.

This article is courtesy of our friends at Dovetail Qld. Read the full study here and go to our schools portal for practical tips and resources to implement harm min at your school.